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About HOL

About HOL

Welcome to The House of Law, P.C., where justice isn’t just served—it's a part of who we are.

Pioneering Legacy:

Founded by a determined and visionary attorney, The House of Law, P.C. is deeply rooted in the values of perseverance and innovation. Our founder is proudly the first in her family of Chaldean immigrants to:

1. Graduate from college
2. Attend law school
3, Graduate from law school
4, Become a licensed attorney
5. Own her own law firm

Cultural Heritage & Resilience:

Raised in Detroit's vibrant and diverse community, she learned early the importance of resilience and adaptability—traits that define our firm's approach to law and client service. Her experiences, bridging her family's heritage with her American upbringing, instilled a profound understanding of the challenges faced by those adapting to new cultural and legal landscapes.

Innovative Spirit from Day One:

Inspired by her parents, who navigated the complexities of immigrant life without a fluent understanding of the language or laws, she developed a keen sense of problem-solving and justice. These experiences forged a determination to provide accessible, clear, and compassionate legal services.

Our Philosophy:

Understanding Your Story: We believe law is intimately connected to personal experiences. Our approach is about more than legal advice—it's about understanding the nuances of each client's life.


Family First: At our firm, clients are family. We listen, support, and adapt to your needs with a team that extends beyond legal experts to include finance, business, and more.

Our Anchors of Service:

Expertise: Comprehensive legal knowledge across diverse fields.

Problem Solving: Practical solutions for complex issues.

Innovation: Utilizing the latest advancements in psychology, neuroscience & AI.

Availability: Extending support beyond traditional hours to assist in urgent situations.

Our Commitment:
We don't just meet expectations—we aim to exceed them with a personalized framework that adapts to your unique legal needs.

Dedicated to advocacy for the underserved and giving a voice to those without one.

Join Our Community:
At The House of Law, P.C., your story is our command. Let us guide you to success as we redefine what a law firm can be. Together, we will ensure your voice is heard and your objectives are achieved.

If you value being heard, understood, truth, honesty, integrity, impeccable professional services, all customized specifically to you, Get In touch with us by clicking here:


Experience the dedicated, innovative, and compassionate service designed around you at The House of Law, P.C.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

At The House of Law, P.C., our mission is to deliver comprehensive solutions & strategies to our clients in any & every way that is needed to help them navigate through their daily challenges with absolute peace of mind & confidence.


Whether it's a routine & common issue or a much larger & more complex legal issue, we're here to provide the reassurance & solutions necessary to take care of anything that arises, so you can stay focused on what you do best.


Our team is dedicated to making the law understandable & accessible, ensuring that each & every client feels supported, valued, and fully informed.


We're not just about handling legal cases; we're about building relationships & offering solutions & strategies that are the foundation for great decision-making & growth.

Vision Statement

The House of Law, P.C. aims to redefine the standard within the legal & professional services industries by the immense benefit our clients receive.


We envision a future where clients’ success stories are the only accolades necessary, as our strategic guidance, expert advice & unwavering support for anything our clients need will speak for itself.

Our goal is to be the first thought that comes to mind whenever anything occurs that needs to be remedied. Through effective issue resolution & proactive identification of tertiary issues during unrelated work processes, we can remedy additional potential issues before they turn into such.


We're committed to being the source for peace of mind for our clients today & decades into the future.

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