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AI Regulation



Six months ago, the Biden Administration set forth a comprehensive Executive Order to position the United States as a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) innovation while addressing the various risks associated with its deployment. This initiative aimed to harness AI’s potential responsibly and ensure safety, security, equity, & privacy.

Safety & Security Measures


Agencies have taken vigorous steps to mitigate AI's safety and security risks. These include establishing a screening framework for synthetic nucleic acids to prevent the misuse of AI in creating biological threats, releasing draft documents to manage generative AI risks, and developing safety guidelines for critical infrastructure. Notably, the Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security have piloted new AI tools to identify and address vulnerabilities in vital software systems, enhancing national security.

Support for Workers, Consumers, and Civil Rights 


The Biden Administration has also focused on protecting workers, consumers, and civil rights. Steps taken include releasing guidance for federal contractors on AI deployment in the workplace, issuing resources on preventing AI-driven employment discrimination, and publishing guidance on nondiscriminatory AI use in housing. These initiatives are designed to ensure that AI’s integration into society is equitable and beneficial for all.

Harnessing AI for Good 


This includes funding opportunities for energy-efficient AI applications, partnerships to advance clean energy through AI, and efforts to modernize the electric grid. The Department of Energy's initiatives exemplify the administration's commitment to leveraging AI to address pressing energy and environmental challenges.

As AI continues to transform every aspect of our lives, these measures provide a framework for its responsible integration into society and reinforce the U.S.'s leadership in global technology. For more insights and to explore opportunities in AI governance, visit


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