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Service Offerings

Business Services

Unlock Your Business Potential with HOL:

We're your strategic partner from launch to scale. Our experienced team offers comprehensive solutions, including business formation, compliance, internal system design, funding strategies & HR guidance.


Tap into hidden profit potential with our in-depth efficiency & profitability audits & technology opportunity assessments.  Navigate complex transactions like sales & acquisitions with our expertise.

Let us help you build a business that runs with precision & achieves long-term success.

Family Law Services

Navigate Life with Expertise:

HOL understands the complexities of divorce, child custody, support, property division & other sensitive family law matters.


Our team provides skilled assistance in both litigation & ADR methods like mediation, prioritizing your family's well-being.  We offer support for domestic violence situations, paternity matters, and grandparents' rights.  


For proactive planning, we carefully draft prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, assist with name changes, and handle appeals. Let us be your guide through life's transitions, helping you secure the best possible outcomes.

Real Estate Services

Navigate Real Estate Matters Confidently:

HOL offers comprehensive real estate services, ensuring a smooth & successful experience. Our team tackles complex issues like land use restrictions, securing zoning variances & resolving property line disputes.


We handle easements and navigate riparian rights to ensure your property ownership is clear.


Coming Soon!  Our innovative, fully automated residential home closing portal will streamline the closing process, saving you time & stress.


Whether you're buying, selling, or facing a legal hurdle, we have the expertise to protect your interests.

Estate & Legacy Planning Services 

Secure Your Legacy:

HOL understands that estate planning is about more than just assets. We help you create a comprehensive plan that reflects your values & safeguards your family's future.


Our services include wills, trusts (including domestic asset protection trusts), family LLCs, powers of attorney (medical, financial, etc.) & advanced retirement spending forecasting tools.  


We work with you to develop strategies that minimize taxes, ensure smooth asset transfer & provide for future needs. Let us help you create a legacy that reflects your goals & brings peace of mind.

Technology Services 

Harness the Power of Technology:

HOL goes beyond traditional legal services to help you harness the power of technology.  Our in-depth technology opportunity audits with detailed reports uncover untapped potential for efficiency & growth.


We streamline operations with internal process automation & can design a customized "super brain" information repository, accessible through LLMs, all with robust data security. Our cutting-edge custom chatbots enhance customer service and drive client engagement.


Let us transform your technology infrastructure, positioning your business for lasting success.

General Litigation Services

Strategic Legal Advocacy:

HOL provides experienced representation in a wide range of general litigation matters, both civil & criminal.


Whether you're facing a contract dispute, personal injury lawsuit, or criminal charges, our skilled team will fight for your rights. We excel in legal research, case development, negotiation, & courtroom advocacy.


Let us navigate the complexities of the legal system, working tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for your case..

Limited Scope Services

As Limited as Needed:

Our Limited Scope Legal Services cater to those in need of precise legal assistance for specific case aspects or projects. This model allows you greater control over your legal matters, through targeted support exactly when it's needed. our services are designed to give you the Control & direction of your legal affairs with our tailored assistance.

We offer expert advice, meticulous document preparation & review, along with strategic representation in legal proceedings, all tailored to your needs, with flexible solutions that are cost-effective & empower you with the control you need over your legal journey. Trust in our specialized knowledge & strategic planning to safeguard your interests & guide your legal journey with confidence & precision.

Document Production Services

Documents for every use case:

HOL understands the importance of accurate & timely document production across various business & legal contexts. We offer comprehensive support for both internal business documents (administrative, governance, HR, training, employee onboarding, compliance) & legal documents or reports.


Our services include document review, conversion, redaction, digitization & printing. From Bates stamping to complex digital media conversions, we provide tailored solutions with various degrees of customization or templates for any use case. Let us streamline your document production, saving you time and resources.

Solve the Unsolvable with HOL:

The HOL Team thrives on complex challenges. Where traditional solutions fall short, our "Challenge Accepted" approach prevails.


Have you faced dead ends with other law firms or service providers? Our team excels at tackling unique cases, developing innovative strategies & finding solutions where others see none.


We're committed to uncovering new pathways, delivering exceptional results even in the most difficult situations. Bring us your toughest problems, Challenge Accepted.

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